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Sanjay is a great strategic thinker who is able to take complex problems and distill them down to simple executable plans.
Date of Posting: 29 March 2016
Posted By: David Jeng
CEO Wintec Industries Inc
Sanjay is true embodiment of operational excellence through clear strategy and execution. Over the course of Nimbus he has become a trusted partner and a friend.
Date of Posting: 27 March 2016
Posted By: Sridhar Kasichainula
Founder and CEO Nimbus Materials, Inc.
Sanjay and his team provide an excellent bridge between Silicon Valley innovation and Global Corporates interested in market expansion. His council and insight for International markets is extremely useful.
Date of Posting: 23 March 2016
Posted By: Gary Gysin
CEO of Liquid Robotics
BVA has been of great value to Sway Motorsports. Their business expertise and industry connections have helped us scale up quickly. They connected us to our manufacturing partner and helped us on our talent strategy.
Date of Posting: 21 March 2016
Posted By: Joe Wilcox
CEO of Sway Motorsports
In working with BVA we were able to benefit from their deep understanding of the Asian marketplace (both culturally and competitively) and how, as a small Silicon Valley based company, we should approach bridging these two worlds.
Date of Posting: 10 March 2016
Posted By: Richard Walker
CEO of Zero Motorcycles

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