Program Dates
6-11 November, 2016
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Program Fees
US $15,000 (Residential)
Program fees includes:
Hotel accommodations, meals, and course materials. Airfare not included. Special rates available for group participation.
This program is specifically designed for senior executives seeking to learn from the advanced thinking techniques of Silicon Valley and experience how successful leaders apply design-thinking frameworks to problem-solving.
Bonde Ventures conceived this program from global interest to learn and develop from the best practices and innovation-led business processes pioneered by Silicon Valley companies. Silicon Valley has successfully created more billion dollar businesses than anywhere in the world. You will experience and explore the current confluence and cross-pollination of technology and business underway and how they will impact you and your own business.

You will receive the opportunity to experience and learn directly from CEOs, founders and leaders who are passionately creating new business realities. You will get to learn by engaging directly with the best minds, not just listening to lectures. You will learn to develop frameworks to identify solutions for organizational challenges in high-velocity industries and how to deploy business models that drive the innovation and performance required to compete effectively.
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img Engage directly with charismatic CEO's, founders and leadership executives from Silicon Valley for personalized conversations and practical activity-based learning.
img Learn from live case studies and company visits with direct access to visualize transformation first-hand.
img Understand how to effectively leverage latest trends in innovation and business.
img Learn how to revamp value chains and strategize to rapidly scale up businesses.
img Engage with Venture Capitalists to develop value-enhancement skills. Explore the right to fail fast, lean management, pivoting, and restart practices.
img Build your leadership network for long-term mentoring and support.
img Focus review of course material during one day off-site in Napa Valley.
Note : The names of participating CEO's are available upon request. Conversations may need a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Explore how you, as a leader of your organization, can deal with the challenges of building long-term systems thinking capability to address competitive advantage and growth. We will focus on the use of Silicon Valley culture as a potential source of developing dynamic competencies. Our emphasis is to enable you to use these techniques to develop new realities, ward off competition and address disruptive changes in your industry.

Using a hands-on design-thinking framework, you will experience first-hand how leaders deal with innovation and business scale-up challenges. You will decipher how companies disrupt the managerial status quo and how you can address critical limitations and enhance your organization's strengths. This will simultaneously help foster your leadership capabilities and career competencies.
Real world experience, in real time. Our approach allows you to learn from the source by giving you an opportunity to engage in dialogue with CEO's and Silicon Valley leaders. Share experiences with peers from around the globe and across industries. Evaluate the practical, real-world issues and challenges facing modern business today with guided discussions and analysis.
Bonde Ventures & Advisors (BVA) was founded by Investor and Board/CEO Advisor, Sanjay Bonde. The company has rapidly emerged as a leading Silicon Valley specialist firm investing in diverse business from e-commerce, software, and hardware to automotive technologies. BVA helps companies in Silicon Valley develop innovation-led strategies and organization build-up for scalability.
'Not only is this program an exceptional educational and personal development opportunity, it also exposes you to a diverse cultural and global community enabling you to visualize situations from a different lens.'

'The relationships you build are not only personally rewarding, they also enhance your network with exceptional talent from around the world. I highly recommend this program!'
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