Venture Investing
  • Supporting seed investments for startups investing in Silicon Valley
  • Focus on technology companies in Software/ Hardware, e-Commerce and Automotive sectors

BVA provides capital for seed early-stage, emerging and emerging growth companies. In addition to angel investing and other seed funding options, BVAs venture capital is attractive for new companies with limited operating history that are too small to raise capital and have not reached the point where they are able to secure funding.

In view of the high risk assumed BVA also supports business operations of the companies it invests by offering its specialized expertise order to support their faster and risk mitigated development. BVA helps identify and combine business functions such as strategy, finance, technical expertise, marketing know-how, and business modeling to its investee companies.

Once integrated, these enterprises succeed by becoming nodes in the search networks for designing and building products in their domain. Additionally, BVA systematically creates networks for the new firms so that they can progress.

BVA is currently in the process of strategizing its fundraise focused on Venture Capital and Venture Lending for late stage investments.

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Advisory Services

Developing business strategies for technology companies.

  • BVAs key objective is to offer high speed response to solving organizational problems worldwide.
  • Several CEOs and Boards have engaged us to help mitigate organizational challenges or to develop robust strategies grounds up and support their execution.
  • BVA Advisory Services helps startups and large organizations to improve their performance, operating through the review of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.
  • Our clients benefit immensely by accessing external knowledge on industry and functional best practices and specialized expertise.
  • BVA also provides organizational change management support, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services.
  • BVA brings its together its proprietary methodology and framework to guide the identification of problems and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks.
Executive Program

Developing World Class and Systems Thinking.

Program Overview

  • Focus on companies big and small wanting a customized, intense, understanding of the Valley’s innovation.
  • Engage with Silicon Valley companies and leaders who are driving the charge in disrupting business models worldwide.
  • Learn hands on through lectures, seminars, group studies, guest speakers, and company visit.

Key benefits

  • Leverage technology changes for competitive advantage
  • Observe and understand needs of users and customers through start-up thinking principles.
  • Strategize on how to create an ambidextrous culture to support innovation.

Program Highlights - 5-day intensive focus

  • Overview of Silicon Valley companies and their focus
  • Review current trends in Innovation - Landscape& Industry Transformation
  • Meet and engage with CEOs of companies in the Silicon Valley
  • Study Innovative Business Models – Revamping Value Chains
  • Strategy & Business Planning, Talent Management, Go To Market Strategies
  • Customer Engagement, Supply Chains, Service Management
  • Company Visits – Meeting with people driving change, learning from the source.
  • Study of Entrepreneurship / Venture Capital Processes and Focus – leading the global change and accelerating innovation.
  • Transformation in your company – Case Study and Discussion, Application of Learning.