Application for Funding

Submitting a business plan for initial review by one of our experienced investment team is a simple and straightforward 3-step process. We prefer to receive submissions online and invite you to submit your non-confidential information using the template provided for the quickest response to your application.

  1. Complete the online application form, ensuring all fields are completed.
  2. After submission of the form a new page will open automatically with the Venture Fund e-mail address which you should send your Business Plan or Concept to.
  3. Our investment team member will contact you in due course to discuss your application further, requesting any more information that might be needed at this early stage.
    Initial evaluation of applications is based on the business plan and supporting materials (technical and financial) provided. Further review with the investment team will be subsequent to this and will take the form of more detailed presentations and a robust due diligence process.

Note: Investments by the Bonde Ventures & Advisory are made as equity participation through contractual agreements between the Bonde Ventures & Advisory and the recipient directly.

Bonde Ventures & Advisory Team looks forward to hearing about your ideas!

Information Deemed Non-Confidential

If you submit information to Bonde Ventures & Advisory (excluding personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address as discussed in the [Privacy Policy]) using this Bonde Ventures & Advisory website, all materials submitted by online application will be deemed non-confidential and should not contain any markings indicating confidentiality. By submitting your materials to Bonde Ventures & Advisory for review, you understand that we will not treat the information as confidential or proprietary, and thus will not be restricted from using such information or disclosing such information to third parties. While we have no intention to disclose submissions to the public, we may refer your submission to persons within Bonde Ventures & Advisory or to outside consultants for evaluation.