Global Director - Executive Development Programs

Andreliz joins BVA as the Director of Executive Advancement Programs responsible for program curriculum and management. Her background is in entrepreneurism and operations. As VP of Finance and HR, Andreliz cofounded the Deluxe Restaurant Group, a boutique restaurant chain in Washington, DC, which sold in 2011. Later as President and Founding Partner, she helped to grow Pharmacopia, a cottage natural organic body care business, into a global hotel amenities line, which today can be found in large hotel chains and boutiques all over the world.

In 2015, Andreliz joined BVA initiatives to support strategies in the disruptive automotive business in Silicon Valley and she brought cross-industry skills and a creative approach.Andreliz received her BA in Economics at the University of San Francisco and spent a year studying at Oxford University before joining the U.S. Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa.